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Code of Conduct Form


Please read the information with your child to make them better aware and then fill out and submit this form.  A parent/guardian’s acknowledgment is required; acknowledgment constitutes a signature. Students will not be allowed to ride without the agreement.

The school bus is considered to be an extension of the classroom; therefore, the School District requires students to conduct themselves while on the bus in a manner consistent with established standards for classroom behavior.



  1. Be at the stop 5 minutes prior to pick up time.
  2. Respect people and their property while waiting for the bus.
  3. Stand at least 10 feet from the road and wait until the bus comes to a complete halt before approaching the bus.
  4. Wait for the driver's signal before crossing in FRONT of the bus. ALWAYS cross in FRONT of the bus and always cross at least 10 feet in front of the bus. NEVER, for any reason, stop in front of the bus. If you drop something near the bus, do not pick it up, move away from the bus. Tell an adult.
  5. Always sit in your assigned seat.
  6. Never leave the bus anywhere other than your designated stop.
  7. Hold the handrail while exiting the bus in an orderly manner.

Conduct While on the Bus

  1. Students shall respect and follow the direction of the driver. All school rules apply on the bus.
  2. Remain seated until the bus reaches your designated stop. 
  3. Respect school property. Vandalism may result in immediate loss of transportation privileges, and will be paid for by those responsible. The Board Regulation regarding parent responsibility will be enforced.
  4. Keep the aisles clear at all times. Only items that can be safely held on your lap will be allowed on the bus.
  5. Keep all body parts out of the aisle and inside the window.
  6. Use good posture as you would in the classroom.
  7. Talk only in a quiet voice and be absolutely silent at railroad crossings.
  8. Treat the driver and other passengers with respect.
  9. Identify yourself upon request of the driver or other authorized personnel.
  10. Never throw objects inside the bus or out the window of the bus.
  11. There is to be no use of improper language. No excessive noise. 
  12. No use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs, or any other school prohibited items.
  13. No Animals or Insects are to be brought onto the bus.
  14. Food or beverages are not to be consumed on the bus.
  15. Students must strictly adhere to the driver's instructions during Emergency Evacuation Drills.
  16. Aerosol sprays of any kind will not be tolerated.  This includes, but is not limited to: perfumes, colognes, pepper spray, body spray, air fresheners, and breath fresheners. 

These rules apply to Field Trips and all school sponsored activities.


  1. School bus transportation is a privilege extended to the students of Choctaw/Nicoma Park by the Board of Education. It is the parents' responsibility to supervise the child until such time as the student boards the bus in the morning and after the student leaves the bus at the end of the school day. 
  2. The bus driver will have responsibility to maintain orderly behavior of students on school buses and will report misconduct to the Transportation Director. The Transportation Director will forward the report to the building Principal for disciplinary action. 
  3. It is the parent’s responsibility to discuss the Code of Conduct with the child and to support the school administration.
  4. The parent must assume responsibility for the behavior of the child while riding the bus. 

This form constitutes your child's permission to ride the school bus.

This form must be filled out and submitted before the student will be allowed to ride the bus. 

If permission to ride the bus is revoked, the parent must provide transportation for their child to and from school until such time as reinstatement may be made. 

Fill out ONE (1) form per student.

I understand that Failure to Obey these Rules and Regulations may result in suspension/loss of Bus Riding Privileges.

This form is to be completed for the 2023-2024 school year. 
First Name
Last Name
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Parent/Guardian Namerequired
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Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format
PARENT/GUARDIAN: My child and I have read the Code of Conduct and we understand the regulations. I agree to assume all responsibilities for my child's conduct on the bus. required