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Safety and Security Protocols

Choctaw – Nicoma Park Staff, Families, and Community,

                I am writing you today to share new safety and security protocols for extracurricular events held in the CNP School District. It is unfortunate our community was the place chosen to settle issues that were started outside our school district and by individuals who are not associated with our community. CNP has always been a supportive, classy community and your actions, even through a tragedy such as this, have once again reiterated the GOLD Standard. I continue to be amazed by the stories of bravery and heroism displayed at last Friday’s game. 

In an incident such as this, the investigation takes time. I have full faith in the Choctaw Police Department and the cooperating agencies to get to the root cause of this incident. I have been asked many questions such as these and believe they will be answered over time or through a trial:           

  • How did the people involved know each other? 
  • What was the root cause of the incident?
  • Where did the original incident(s) occur? 
  • Why was the dispute brought into our community? 
  • Were there warning signs that were missed or could/should have been shared? 
  • Where do we as a school and a community go from here? 

Today’s email is to address the last question: Where do we go from here? Through all of the news media coverage, one message resonates with me – If this can happen in Choctaw, then it can happen anywhere. No matter how safe and secure we believe our community has proven to be, people with bad intentions can easily cross school, city, or state boundaries and create havoc. For this reason, it is necessary we increase our safety protocols. 

LINK:  CNP Schools Spectator Protocols

             I know this event has created scars for everyone affected. It will unfortunately be an infamous situation that will remain in the back of our minds forever. It is my hope that everyone affected is able to speak with someone trusted and qualified to provide the healing assistance needed. We have resources and counselors available; so, if anyone has a need, please reach out. Your child’s (and in this instance) the entire community’s health and safety will remain our top priority. 


David Reid, Superintendent